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What we do - Help Ukraine Group Support

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Shortly after Ukraine was invaded, we formed to see how we could help newly arrived Ukrainians. Over the months we helped our Ukrainian guests with English, GP appointments, schooling issues, job applications, housing, visa applications etc. As people settled or moved on, we changed our focus to collecting aid.

We have also contributed to special projects, such as converting a bus into a mobile medical unit, driven across Europe to the front-line.

Our Mission

To provide continuous aid and support to Ukraine - we strongly believe that small actions can make a big difference.


We are based in Berkshire, UK, with activities focusing on the Newbury, Hungerford and Marlborough areas.

Our Team and Efforts

Our committee is composed of six individuals with diverse skills, all committed to showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Together with around forty volunteers and a 500 strong email-list, we organise regular aid collection days and coordinate efforts to collect and distribute donations. If you want to volunteer, or simply join our email list, please see the Contact page.​​

Aid Collection Days

So far we have run nine successful aid collection days, receiving some sixty-eight tonnes of donations, across the Newbury, Hungerford and Marlborough areas. This is shipped to Ukraine via (i) the Swindon Humanitarian Aid Partnership (SHAP), using forty-foot articulated lorries (ii) Stanislav, a Ukrainian, who is in contact with the emergency services striving to protect communities in the hardest hit regions and (iii) carloads of medical aid to a group in Oxford that also supplies aid to hospitals, medics and an orphanage near to the front lines.

Additional Aid Collection

In addition to the donation days, we are regularly contacted with offers of aid, by individuals, GPs, vets, care homes, schools and businesses who have seen our widely publicised flyers, Facebook, website and word of mouth. This means collecting from around the area, or receiving deliveries at our homes and lock up garage space in Ramsbury.

We also work with the energetic BUGS (Burghclere Ukraine Group Support) to get the aid they collect to Ukraine.

Knowing what to send

We have a network of contacts (both in the UK and Ukraine) who advise us on what aid is needed. This ensures we are only sending aid that is required and makes sure it is genuinely useful.

Slava Ukraini
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