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We regularly run aid collection days at community centres, schools and sports clubs around Newbury, Hungerford and Marlborough to enable the community to donate items.

Our team of dedicated volunteers spend the day sorting and packing all the donations, which are then delivered via our network of supporters to Ukraine. 


UPCOMING COLLECTION DAY - Our 9th aid collection day will be on Tuesday June 11th 2024, Chieveley Village Hall,  RG20 8TE

Until then please see the list of items below, that are needed now.

If you are able to donate any such items please get in touch and we will arrange to collect.  Please also consider making a cash donation to enable us to buy the most urgently needed items and get them to Ukraine ASAP.

Items we currently need:

Please note: All items must be CLEAN and ready to use and NO OTHER CLOTHING at this time. All bedding must be stain free.

Please help us supply these items to front line communities (list last updated 17th April 2024):

Bedding & Towels

  • good clean & unstained bedding: sheets, synthetic duvets & pillows, cellular blankets, fleece blankets

  • towels in good condition


  • dark colour fleeces

  • plain dark t-shirts & military camo kit (adult sizes)

  • insoles

  • warm/thermal socks

  • summer adult hiking socks

  • new thermal underwear (men/women/children)

  • men's (new) underwear

  • dark colour scarves, warm/thermal hats & gloves

  • premature, baby & children’s clothes

  • clean hiking boots/trail shoes/clean robust trainers

  • sunglasses

  • wellington boots, adult sizes


  • dry & non-perishable food (no jars) eg. pasta, rice, tins, porridge; wrapped sweets

  • dog/cat food, meds & vet products

  • tea & coffee

  • energy snacks/bars


  • unused medications in date from July 2024 onwards

  • medical & surgical supplies inc bandages, dressings & first aid kits

  • athletes foot sprays & creams

  • multivitamins

  • insect repellent, mosquitos/ticks

  • anti itch cream/spray/pen

  • crutches, wheelchairs & mobility aids

  • gym/rehab equipment

Outdoor Living

  • working LED hand/head torches

  • batteries AAA+AA; solar chargers; powerbanks (solar or mains)

  • candles (all sizes/shapes, new/used, loose/in containers)

  • matches

  • ‘HOTHANDS’ single use hand & feet warmers (avail online and in certain stores)

  • strong dark tents (min 4 person),

  • groundsheets, roll mats, sleeping bags,

  • camp beds,

  • tarpaulins

  • camping stoves

  • LED torches (battery, rechargeable or solar)


  • wet wipes & personal hygiene products,

  • toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothbrushes/paste, unscented talcum powder

  • water sterilising tablets/equipment

  • nappies, sanitary & incontinence items

  • washing powder; washing-up liquid; toilet rolls; towels


  • generators

  • power tools

  • hand saws/hand axes

  • car tools

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