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Wrapped in a Flag

Collecting aid for Ukraine across West Berks and Wiltshire

Our mission is to collect aid for delivery to Ukraine.

​We organise aid drop-off days for much needed aid for Ukraine.


We then work with a number of partner organisations to get this aid directly to Ukraine and Ukrainians most affected by the war. 

We accept donations of aid from individuals and businesses for a wide variety of items. Just get in touch and we will work to arrange a drop-off or collection. See our current list of vital needs below  - updated 24th January 2024.


We can also organise collection of bulk donations or surplus stock including (but not limited to) medical and hospital equipment, vehicles (inc 4x4s and vans), power generators.

Our next collection day: Marlborough FC - Tuesday 27th February 2024

We currently accept donations of:

As winter sets in, please help us supply these items to front line communities:

This list is regularly updated
Last updated 24th Jan 2024:

  • dry & non-perishable food (no jars) eg pasta, rice, tins, porridge; wrapped sweets

  • medicine: over the counter IN DATE family meds inc painkillers, cold remedies, etc;
    NO prescription drugs at this time please

  • medical & surgical supplies inc bandages, dressings & first aid kits

  • wet wipes & personal hygiene products,

  • athletes foot sprays & creams

  • multivitamins

  • toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothbrushes/paste, unscented talcum powder

  • water sterilising tablets/equipment

  • nappies, sanitary & incontinence items

  •  puppy training pads

  • washing powder; washing-up liquid; toilet rolls; towels

  • working hand/head torches

  • batteries; power banks; solar chargers

  • candles (all sizes/shapes, new/used, loose/in containers)

  •  matches

  • ‘HOTHANDS’ single use hand & feet warmers (avail online and in certain stores)

  • generators

  • power tools

  • good clean bedding:sheets, synthetic duvets & pillows, waffle blankets, fleece blankets;

  • strong dark tents (min 4 person),

  • groundsheets, roll mats, sleeping bags,

  • camp beds,

  • tarpaulins

  • camping stoves

  • dark colour fleeces, plain dark t-shirts & military camo kit (adult sizes)

  • clean outdoor hiking boots, insoles,

  • warm/thermal socks

  • new thermal underwear (men/women/children)

  • dark colour scarves, warm/thermal hats & gloves

  • premature, baby & children’s clothes

  • dog/cat food, meds & vet products

  • crutches, wheelchairs & mobility aids;

  • gym/rehab equipment

Please note: All items must be CLEAN and ready to use and NO OTHER CLOTHING at this time

Make a donation

We're raising funds via Just Giving to enable us to continue collecting and shipping aid to those most in need in Ukraine.

Your donations will help us cover essential costs such as delivery drivers and vehicle hire to ensure the smooth transportation of donations.

Your donations will also help us to acquire specific specialist items that are critical but haven’t been received through donations.

Your contribution will supercharge our efforts, ensuring that aid reaches those in need promptly and effectively. 🚚💖

Or if you would like to donate directly, get in touch here

Volunteer with us

Are you looking for a meaningful way to support people affected by the war in Ukraine? If you're local to Wet Berkshire or East Wiltshire we are always keen to hear from people who would like to volunteer a little of their time to help with collection days, packing, admin. Whatever your skills, we'd love to hear from you.


Together we can make a difference and help those most affected by the war.

​Please get in touch with any questions: 07999 693399 
Email us here  

Our partners

Thank you to the following organisations whose support makes our work possible


Swift Couriers

Penny Post

Marlborough Recycling Centre

Hungerford Town FC

Montagne Sports - Newbury

Marlborough Town FC

Merlin Court Care - Marlborough

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